From hobby to obsession!

Xquizit Minerals is the result of a lifelong passion for collecting minerals that has grown from hobby to obsession. Since we started our business in 2006, our endeavor has been to provide high quality mineral specimens at reasonable prices for our customers while setting a unique standard of service.

We offer a wide selection of mineral specimens in various price ranges, sizes, and colors. Whether you are a beginner, novice, or advanced collector, we have something for you. Here you can shop for and purchase mineral specimens such as aquamarine, azurite, barite, bismuth, calcite, copper, cuprite, elbaite, fluorite, galena, malachite, pyrite, pyromorphite, quartz, rhodochrosite, smithsonite, tetrahedrite, topaz, tourmaline, wulfenite and more which are sourced from countries including Brazil, China, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, Pakistan, Peru, Republic of Congo, Madagascar, Romania, Russia, Spain, United States and more. We update our inventory regularly so be sure to check back often to see our latest additions. Please follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram!

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